Trail Running

The area is a fantastic area for trail running, from high and wild mountains, to coastal trails with blue seas inviting you to dive in at the end.

There are some great trail running races held over the summer in the region. The best resource for race information can be found at this excellent Croatian site dedicated to trail running (Trail Running Croatia). The site is in English.

Ad Natura Sport run the series of Kvarner trail races of different lengths, from 16 to 72km. Their website is here. It is only in Croatian, but all the individual race sites are available in English. They are very cheap and a lot of fun. Such races can be an idea way to add some adventure to a family beach holiday and to see parts of Croatia rarely seen by most tourists.




Kastav Breza Loop

14km Trail Running

Kastav is a beautiful, historic town with views over the whole of the Kvarner region. There three marked hkig/biking trails, which all make excellent trail running circuits. Assuming you run the main loops without the side visits to the hill tops and old villages, the trails are roughly 4, 9 and 14 km. The trail featured here is the longer one.

The trails start in the main square of the town, going up the hill through the town to the ruins of the church, and then through the main arch.

Except after heavy snow the trails are runnable all year round. There are several cafes and restaurants in the town, and a fruit shop on the main square selling post-run bananas.


The number 18 bus provides easy access to Kastav from Rijeka. It runs roughly every 45 minutes. Kastav is in the third zone.

It is a short drive to Kastav from Rijeka, it is signposted from the Zagreb – Pula highway. It is usually possible to park at the car parks within the town, but there are large overspill carparks just down the hill on the sea side of the town if necessary.