A 12km rocky run with great views across the bay, most easily accessible by public transport. 

The route starts at the train station at Skrljevo, drops down into the valley behind before a steep scramble to the ridge. A loose trail runs along the ridge, passing a huge quarry and then through the forest to emerge at Cavle. The side excursion up the peak is optional (the obvious detour two thirds along the GPX trail), it is nice to climb the peak but it's a bit of a battle through the trees rather than a run.

Skrljevo can be reached either by train, or by the much more frequent buses - route 25, zone 2. The bus climbs steeply out of Rijeka, takes a sharp left at Sveti Kuzam at the top of the hill. Get off at the second stop after the buses crosses a major junction with traffic lights. The station is about 5 minutes running to the left through Skrljevo. 

There are regular buses fro Cavle back to Rijeka, any bus heading toward south will take you to Rijeka. Cavle is also in one 2.